New Year. New Beginning.

A New Year. A New Beginning. And A Clean Board. For close to four years now, sometimes on and sometimes off, I have been blogging in my own name. It was a random step in my directionless writing career. I knew I lacked direction and I would sometimes disappear or rather escape from my writing. A Clean Board was born in 2011, out of my own frustration with the occasional disappearances I am very well known for. It was important for me to feel that, at least in the virtual world, I need not be tied down to a platform or follow the norms laid out by the more established names in blogging. It has been difficult for me to follow norms anyway, especially in writing. Continue reading


A Short Message for the New Year

The year ended in bad taste for several reasons. For a while, I thought I may have to shut my eyes while I opened facebook each day. The protests and the revelations and all that rage became more sickening than the rape itself. Maybe, I need to take a break from facebook. Maybe.

In other news, there is the rapidly spreading speculation that another recession is here and we are all going to be doomed for another year or so. Well… I don’t need to know how doomed one can get during a recession. I had followed Sujoy (from Living With Smoke) throughout his struggle to stand up during the last recession.

There have been other moments of dullness especially towards the end of the year. Some of them, you know. Others have just been too personal to share over here.

While we are on that, I must mention that the New Year begins with some good news for me. The proof copy for Living With Smoke’s print edition is here. The photos, you may see as below.


DSC_0071 DSC_0072

It was a day of excitement. It felt so good to have the book in my hand finally. The proof copy is more or less clear of errors and I shall be approving the copy soon. That will bring my book in print to readers in US, UK and the rest of Europe. I cannot assure availability in the remaining parts of the world for now. All I can say is that I am working on it and there might be a solution someday soon.

Recession or no recession, I hope there are new and better things to look forward to this year, such as safer streets, happier people and healthier environments. To those who have stayed with me through the times I have maintained this blog here, I am much indebted and wish to express my gratitude. I look forward to your support in the coming year as well. Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2013! Good Day! Good Night!

On SurfRises

So, one day about a month ago, I decided with no particular reason that I shall start selling surprises. I have always enjoyed giving surprises and seeing the eyes of the surprised fill with glee and tears and – you know – that dazed expression. I was not much of a good sport for surprises. I used to expect a surprise every birthday, as I grew up. Only to get disappointed though.

The under-expecting shall almost always be surprised and the over-expecting mostly disappointed. Continue reading

Living with Smoke – Availability

There has been a number of queries on how one can purchase the book or read it. Questions such as whether it is free, whether it is available in print, whether it is available in the local bookstore, etc.

I wish to make the buying and reading process easier for you, with this post. Living With Smoke is currently available on the Kindle Store only, which means it has been published as an e-book and can only be read on an electronic device. The question is, on which electronic devices? Continue reading

Living With Smoke on Kindle

My book, Living with Smoke, is now out on the Kindle Store. The cover page below links to my book’s page on However, users in the Middle East and probably, in certain few other parts of the world may not be able to access or download the e-book. I can only hope this is a temporary setback and it should be available for all buyers worldwide soon enough. In the meantime, if friends from the Middle East would like to view the book page, they can do so on the portal. The link is here.

Clicking here will take you to

For the rest of the world, the link to follow would be the above image. Click on it and you shall be led to where my book now lies. I also hope some of you would take the time to not just read it, but also post a review on the portal. Thanks for your patronage! Watch this space for more news, special offers and other tidbits on Living with Smoke. Good Day! Good Night!!


A Day without Conversations

Almost two months of roller-coaster rides and sheer madness have gone by since my last post. And, I have returned yet again to clean the board and start all over again. While I plan and deliver a set of posts over the next few days, take a look at this piece from July of this year. Sigh! July was almost six months ago. We are already at the end of the year. So, here it is… A day without conversations. Continue reading

A Period of Transition

Two things kept me from posting any updates this week. Yeah yeah, me and my bloody excuses. Yes, I hate excuses myself. If I really wanted to write, I could have. It is not that I did not have time, but only that my mind (which I normally put to work while writing) was preoccupied with a few things, including the ones I am going to mention hereunder.

About a few weeks (or was it months?) ago, in a post titled Architecture and Alone in Tango, I had wrote this:

I am going through a transition phase in one facet of my life. I will be delighted to share the details at some point of time in the near future. On the other side, I have also become obsessed with Alone in Tango (the most recent version) which has by now crossed about 17,000 words. I hate to give excuses. But these things have kept me from writing much during the past few days. I hope to be more regular in the coming days.

Alone in Tango, as you know from the previous post, has crossed 22,000 words. But what about the other transition in my life? That “some point of time” is now here and I must announce it here today. Continue reading