A Clean Board

I am not yet the worst blogger on the Internet. That’s why I keep coming back. For that matter, I was never gone. I would still occasionally write some thing or the other, anonymously or otherwise. But, you as my friends have read none of those, as yet. Well, to be honest, they were not great experiences; in one of them, I tried writing from the angle of a demented individual.

The Suhail Rasheed blog has, to date, been my most successful blog depending on the benchmark one uses to measure success. Here, for example, it only means “successful” on a comparative basis. When I stopped writing on that platform almost 2 years ago, it was not because I was tired of writing. I had then, gone through certain experiences in life, due to which I couldn’t see any more meaning, or rather purpose, in my writing. My writings must manage to, if not anything else, invite thoughts. Thoughts do not necessarily convert into actions. But, there definitely is no action without at least some amount of thought.

The way I see it, even though I have cleared myself of my blocks, I was still not being able to write on the earlier platforms. So, for a while, I started writing anonymously. The idea was not so much as to write like a schizophrenic would do, but to write without the fear of having to stop one day. Nobody would discover my identity and I would have no constant commitments. Well, as I said, it did not quite work out the way I expected it to.

So, here I am, back to writing under my own sweet name. And, this time, I did not want to go back to the old page and the same old same old. I thought of starting anew with a fresh page and that’s when I thought of calling it, “A Clean Board”. I would wipe out the past and start all over again, on a “clean board”. The idea caught my fancy and I immediately set down my fingers to work. I must admit things have changed a lot; so much that setting up blogs are now easier than it ever was.

The idea of this blog is not yet clear and I have no intention to stick to any particular theme, as of now. However, in the first few days, I would like to discuss how things have moved on for me in life during the two years that have gone by and what I am up to, these days. Hopefully, there shall be a larger readership this time around. Even if there shall not be, I do not intend to fret or faint. I have been through this before and I have no fear of being again. It is a clean board and I am starting anew.

Welcome to “A Clean Board”! 5J2BT5DV3XVG

Good Day, Good Night!


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