Clean and start again!

Along the way somewhere
I lost my tools of words
Yonder I search for them
Wondering how I lost them

Things of marvel, these tools
My life had much depended
In various ways they work
Yet have I not been careful

The hand that holds my finger
Had no answers to this eclipse
Neither could offer comfort
Nor could it replace the tools

I think for long and reminisce
What moments have been that
Caused these tools to fall off, or
Where they could be retrieved

It is but only the tools that have
Fallen off or been misplaced
The mind that works with them
Is intact, and so is it determined

When the time’s come and gone
When the hand is back in place
Then there shall be no worries
Shall tools of words be found

These tools, may they be in use
Or corrode, they will with time
As the use be every day and night
So shall they be sharp and shine


One thought on “Clean and start again!

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