Thirty & Other Tidbits

Its been a milestone year. I turned thirty recently. The thirtieth year happened to be quite a happening one. There were moments of self-discovery and there were moments of retrospection. A few days before I reached the milestone, I looked back at my life and found that there is an interesting pattern in which each decade of my life has progressed. The first decade, I call the decade of innocence. The second one was a decade of rebellion. And, the third and most recent one, I attribute as that of patience and love. More about these, you will find in posts to come.

My thirtieth year was finally the year in which I diversified my writing skills into poetry. Well, I have never been a fan of poetry. And I have hardly read any poems except for what was mandated during the course of my curriculum at school. I would, thus, find it difficult to compare my poetry with the poetry of convention. But, one cold December night, when I was struggling to get sleep, some thoughts came to my head in the form of verses which I immediately got down to note. I have not been counting ever since, but I assume I have between 20 to 30 such poems stashed away in various locations. It was a good beginning. I hope to publish at least some of them on this blog page starting with the poem I posted last night.

In other news, this blog has once again revived and aims to update itself more frequently. I’m also exploring the option of introducing guest writers for this blog and I’m open to the idea of publishing your thought-provoking ideas on my page. Of course, credits shall be given to all original writers for the respective pieces that they churn out. In case you are interested, drop me a line at

There’s more to come. Do watch this space. Thank you for your patience. Good Day! Good Night!


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