Travelers on the Road

Another weekend is here and I feel great. In all probability, this weekend will see the first of Ramadan in my part of the world. A Clean Board wishes all its readers a very warm and valuable Ramadan. May the virtues of patience and piety be deeply imbibed in our minds by the end of this Ramadan. Amen.

Being the end of another workweek, I’m signing off this post with another of those poems, “Travelers on the Road” which was written sometime in the middle of April, this year. I hope you’ll like it. Good Day! Good Night!

Photo Courtesy: Own Collection; Location: Road to Mulliyanagiri, Chikmaglur

Traveler on the road
He was a writer too
The places he’s been
The stories he wrote

Many of them morose
And a few happy too
Some places accept
Some of them reject

Places are but people
Those who live therein
Stories are memories
Of people, their tales

He had had no dear
No place he returned
No favoured character
Nor repeated scenes

On the way he’s met
Fellows of his trade
And only but a few
Did meet his taste

Of a rare exception
He remembered one
Crossing his route
Once or twice a while

On his many journeys
This one he wished
He would see again
And see he did so

His fellow traveler
Much alike to him
No perennial homes
Neither destinations

Everywhere they go
They must leave too
Do they meet again
But, not with plans

Like accidents go
So do their meetings
Chances of happiness
And anguish later on

Often they may meet
Yet never be together
A fate of this count
A cloud on their heads

Sometimes they miss
Narrowly a meeting
Or perhaps even two
As fate again plays

If they did not miss
Would each imagine
The other as they did?
Or’d it be different?

These travelers move
Their habit being so
Knowing they’ll meet
And never be together

Directions they take
Many and all around
Always leading away
And back to each again

© Suhail Rasheed


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