Alone in Tango

Alone in Tango is the tentative name for the book I’m writing currently. Many of you may already know this and some of you may have read parts of it. I have great hopes about it. But it’s going a bit slow at the moment, which is why I have lots of time for maintaining a blog and writing poetry, apart from the other activities that make up my day.

When I wrote Living with Smoke, towards the end of it I hurried to finish it off. I don’t think that should have been the right approach. Whenever I decide to publish it, I may have to do a bit of shuffling and rework on it to make it look the right cut. However, I do not want to make the same mistake with AiT and hence, the slower approach.

AiT is yet very close to my heart and there are nights when I think of nothing else. On one such night, I wrote a poem inspired by AiT and called the poem by the same name. Today’s blog will feature this poem and I hope you will like it. Do write to me with your valuable views. Good Day! Good Night!

Many a lost souls here
Each alone in a tango
To my heart they speak
Stories of their loss

Every soul’s valour does
Go beyond many wars
Of all the various kinds
Fought inside their minds

Yet they turn away sad
And in fear of all such truth
Or in fear of just the one
That can shock and stun

In their little loss they cry
The tears of wistfulness
For the sides they wished
And ones they never had

Every tiny step he took
To have her hands in his
And the greater pursuit
For his relentless love

Yet, for much of his life
At distance he remained
From all that he aspired
To achieve, to accomplish

And then, on many nights
The sound of silence did
Trouble his sense of sleep
And did he feel intrusion

In the tenets of his solitude
A call from the wild woods
From another lost soul
Lost over and over in time

Everything we think about
The power of consciousness
Creates impressions in mind
Indelible even in the long run

His thought swayed with hers
It though appeared to a lot
As the souls were invisible
Only the one was in motion

Few do know what is meant
When it is said in old adage
That it takes two to a tango
The reason being blindness

Thence was this idea born
Of acts of freedom played
Separate from each other
Appearing alone in tango

Many souls they appear as
All lost in an idea of freedom
The stories they don’t narrate
Are tales of loss and despair

The dances of these wild souls
Continue through this night
While they see not the others
A presence is felt of the unseen


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