Reflections on Readings – #1

Reading through Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings this evening, I was struck with great realization. The article in question brought light on Tchaikovsky’s take on Inspiration and Work Ethic. The gist is this: We cannot expect inspiration to hit us every day. But, for the lack of inspiration, if we stop working altogether, we turn into something worse. We become idle and gradually lose interest in the work. The only way to hit upon inspiration is to keep working without shaking the daily routine. Inspiration will surely hit us.

For those of us who like to blame it on factors beyond our control, Tchaikovsky’s words give a new direction. Sometimes I have seen people claim they have no time to exercise creativity. We should always keep something in mind: we, above all, need to be in control of our own time. To let our schedule be commanded by another party of people is nothing short of sacrilege. When we reach such a situation and we lose control over the activities that cover up our daily schedule, that becomes the time to stop and ponder. If any of you are going through that stage, stop right now. Think again! What do you want to do the most? How much time have you given for the one thing that you want the most?

From that point – the point where you have stopped – reschedule everything. Bring about a routine. Make sure you have given yourself some time in the entire routine, so that you may do the things you want to do: your work, your writing, your painting, your reading, whatever that thing may be. Having done this, you see everything else around you in a different light. You see that you can add more value to the ‘other’ things around you. Whenever I am bogged down with work which comes with the needs of a hundred others, I do the above exercise. I stop and ponder in the tracks. The idea is that if you are not in control of your time, how can you dedicate any of it to the others who are dependent on you.

Somewhere in between, I may have digressed from what Tchaikovsky eventually told. But, nevertheless, let us stop blaming others for not finishing our work. Let us stop blaming the lack of inspiration. And, let us stop blaming the weather. The best way to strike upon inspiration is to keep working, regardless of the circumstances, the weather or the great swarm of work you need to do for others. And then, you might say “But, sometimes, we also need a break to get that bit of inspiration!” Of course, we all need a break or two in between, but not to sleep and sit idle. Our breaks are only meant to sharpen our senses and satisfy our intellectual needs. If all of us take long breaks to sleep and watch television in anticipation of inspiration, well… God save the world!

You may read Maria’s full article here. Some of us may beg to differ from my views. You are entitled to your views. And especially here, I would love to hear your different views. Do write in to Good Day! Good Night!


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