Mid-week Blues & Other Rantings

Wednesday. Mid-week. Two days gone. Two more to go. Aarrgghhh! How many of us have gone through this? Most of us, I suppose! Anyway, I happen to be at office as I draft this piece. As the last couple of hours pass by, I decided to share some info.

I don’t know who my readers are. Yes, the blog platform gives me stats on the number of visits, views, etc. But, I have no idea who the readers are until they decide to comment or like it. The comments I receive are mostly on the Facebook Group by the same name. Anyway, with or without seeing my post of Monday – the one on noise pollution – someone has woken up to the seriousness of the issue. This morning, as I sifted through the pages of Times of India, I couldn’t help smiling when I saw this write-up on noise pollution.

Newspaper article about the increasing noise levels in Bangalore
(Courtesy: Times of India, Bangalore ed., 25th July, ’12, Page 2)

And I was, to some extent, right about the loudness of that Monday. The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has recorded the decibel level of that day and found it extremely high especially during lunch hour. Fortunately, KSPCB is taking up the issue seriously and planning to arrange civic drives to promote awareness about noise pollution and its effects on the population.

For all those bored, frustrated and depressed corporate executives, I will be putting up another post a few minutes from now. For others, this is it for the day. Good Day! Good Night!


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