Disappointments & Better Days

Yesterday was a day of disappointment. To those around me, I have shown half of it. The other half I lay down here. And I must say I was deeply disappointed with the outcome of a certain thing that I got into. I was more disappointed than I could probably express in words. Now, this made me think as it usually does at the end of all disappointments. What is it that I expect? Do I expect too much out of every little thing I do? But expectations are unquantifiable. You either have it or you don’t have it. And I did maintain myself at a very minimum level of expectation. However, I failed.

Expectations… Let’s not have them. I am one of those preachers who tell everyone not to keep high expectations of anything. But, I did not realise that even a low expectation can seem to be too high from the other side. Like one of my favourite quotes from a movie says, “Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up…”, I must also learn to deal with this disappointment. I cut short my expectations, deal with my disappointment and move on, with hope. And hope, I am never short of. The setback of yesterday, I pray, will only be a temporary one. In the longer term, I see better days ahead and Insha Allah (if Allah wills), I shall pick myself up and stand stronger than ever before.

A few months ago, when in a deeply depressed moment, I wrote the following verses. Hope you will like it. Do note your comments below this post. Good Day! Good Night!

Alone I while the night
After a dreaded day
My senses fail me now
In telling what is right

On some such bad days
Even hope wears away
And all that the night
Offers is a mind at peace

While I am here now
And before I further go
Let me just talk for once
And give a word in advice

World around is not bad at all
Opportunities there are many
Things to do for you and I
And satiety is ours to attain

We must train our hearts
For patience and boredom
And shield selves against
Hurt, spit, blood, and fire

Those venomous creatures
That shall wreck our peace
Does so much in ignorance
And our virtue so it is to forgive

Our days get worse and more
We must know in such cases
The worse these days may get
Better shall get good days too

Ah, my friend, don’t I know well
How hard it is to think ahead
Of good days, when bad days
Still haunt our everyday lives

Yet, in it I see emancipation
And dreams i no longer have
That there are better days
So shall they get only better

When warmer gets the days
We shall rise once again from
Our cold hibernation and work
Towards our greater aspirations

My soul implores to you in kind
That you hold on against winds
And all kinds of furious tides
Time shall then bring us liberty

All lamentations preceding this
Shall have no much overbearing
In the minds of the coldhearted
And our virtue so it is to forgive

© Suhail Rasheed, 2012


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