My Child

For this week’s mid-week blues, I have here a poem which reflects my views on fatherhood. Among the poems I wrote, this one ranks among my personal favorites. Hope you like it too. Good Day! Good Night!

My child, she lets go
Of my leading hand
As she walks alone
Around the fields

She may have grown
And been confident
And I’m most certain
She can stand on own

Many years I’ve behind
At times, little i know
I imagine and so fear
Many things untoward

Every time I think of
My child in fondness
Full of life, I want her
And together with us

Have I given much hope
Of what she might be
And shall I guard her
With all my strength

She may not like it
As may she oppose
She shall ever so be
As child as she is

Worries she has not
Many as I may have
No worry of morrow
Nor worry of loss

Forever be my child
And in my care you be
Yet there are things
You must see as I do

Shall I pass one day
As do we mortals all
My message for you
May it be ever clear

Stray not so far as may
You forget your home
For there remains all
That you be standing for

Remember, my child
Friends there may be
And many peers too
But must you take care

Your needs there are
And yours alone remain
What friends share not
Is nor of their interest

Protect all that you love
And satisfy your needs
If time remains after
Lend them to all other

Young child, my love
For you bring forth
All that I say, I care
So be true to the self

So forth you will find
At the summit of life
Your atonement and
Leave behind a legacy

As from a father
To a very dear child
Shall you absorb
This message in kind

© Suhail Rasheed, 2012


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