Light at the end of the tunnel

It was dark when you began. It is still too dark. The darkness is just the same. There is no differentiation. You get used to it. Yet, you are in fear of it. You had wished for it at times and yet, you now loathe it at most.

And one keeps walking in this darkness, stumbling and stuttering, trying to keep pace and to stand up straight, both at a time. The darkness hardly wears and in certain moments of hope one feels the glimmer of light. Like water far away in the desert, a mirage is all it is.

Your breath sometimes you hold to listen for in all the lack of light, you can feel you’re not alone. You wait for an arm to reach, another one to lead. Hard it is to find, but sometimes there are a few or maybe, just that one.

And as you walk in march, the air loses its density. You feel the first signs of light, and have a sense of life. Hope does build as you rush. But, stones to stumble over and ditches to fall in, still ahead remain. Light is still far away.

As the moments pass away, you lose all track of time. And when hope is at its wits end and only tenacity remains, you see the darkness wear away. All around you see much good, but what good it is? In darkness, neither good nor bad matters. All you need is light.

The light first blinds your sight and then, does bring it back. With each step of the way, your feet they land with confidence. Stumble and stutter, you do no more. You feel much pride in heart. For all the darkness you have had, the light was worth the walk.

What you leave behind in the dark may be good or better. All the things in the light may not be of the same. Yet, you will stay with the light and let yourself be warm. As much as good there was, you don’t want to be back there again.

You feel much better. You are free now. And you are born again.


One thought on “Light at the end of the tunnel

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