Celebrating Friendship

International Friendship Day was supposed to be on July 30 of every year, as per one directive of the United Nations General Assembly. However, the practice over here in this part of the world, is to celebrate it on the first Sunday of every August. August is such a nice month. It’s not too warm, not too cool. And over here, it is supposed to rain (though it’s not raining much this year). One could not have chosen a better month to celebrate friendship in.

On Friendship Day, I wish friends all over the world a day to remember and cherish their friendship. Sometimes, over the years, we may have forgotten that one friend who used to be very special once upon a time. Isn’t it time to renew that relationship? Happy Friendship Day!

A few months ago, I wrote a poem “One Small Gesture”, which was meant to narrate the tale of two friends. I am not sure whether as much may be evident from reading the poem. But, here it is for you to read. Thank you all for continuing to read and befriend this blog. Enjoy your Sunday! Good Day! Good Night!


One small gesture
Meanings without words borne
A sign for the good
None can be though for the bad

A look of prescience
Feelings of stolen conversations
That never happened
Sharp yet remain these memories

A glance at the clock
Dying signs of his famed patience
One he never had
Though he’ll wish he had more of

Fingers that point
Every man does it quite with ease
This one could find
So many ways of giving better use

Pursed those lips
Not to talk, but more to disseminate
Feelings beneath
Spanning many, so many miles

A cherubic face
With no lines, nor any violent signs
Storms happen
Even in teacups just as in oceans

An extended hand
A sign to connote his friendship
Seems to many
As a noose that comes undesired

The healing touch
The one she’d always waited for
Comes just in time
Before she loses faith in mankind

Ears that listened
With newfound patience, and love
Granting her wishes
What years couldn’t, in just a day

A timeless smile
With no signs of age, nor of tire
Calmer the nerves
Doing more and in much less time

On her forehead
Falls his lips in a moment up close
He need not say
What armour, her amour provided

The bodies hug
A gesture in kind, holding on tight
With all the love
And relieving all of mind’s tumults

One small gesture
All it takes, all that he can give her
All that they mean
Is to follow dreams, in deep silence


© Suhail Rasheed, 2012


One thought on “Celebrating Friendship

  1. Friendship …… a relationship to cherish | My lost train of thought…

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