And He Offered Peace

Guruji was famed for advices and solutions. I was in a Western land. I had no touch with my Eastern reality. I needed advice too. I had shootings, bombings and all sorts of violence for neighbours. I spent my days in fear. And Guruji advised against fear.

After a long prodding from my wife, I decided to see the Guruji and present my case to him. He probably had a solution for me.

As I walked up the steps that led to his humbly palatial abode, my mind raced with the questions jumping up one after the other. What would I ask first? Where would I start?

Door after door opened, assistants of assistants and assistants would take down the gist of my worries even before I could get a bit of the Guruji’s grace. No man is turned away from the Guruji. Guruji sees all and attends to all. Indeed.

Guruji asked, You live in fear and the question of peace bothers you, my son?

I nod fervently, not very surprised that all the assistants have already updated him with the information. I am – in fact – very glad. The ordeal would be over soon and I will have my solution before long.

He gave his ever magnificent smile and said, you will find your solution on your way back.

I bowed down to him and left in the pretense of gratitude.

On the way back, at the main door of his palatial abode, one of the assistants hands over a package and asks for my donation to the ashram. After paying my due respects, I am eager to open my packaged solution and I do so. I went home afterwards, deep in thought under the trance of the Guruji’s solution for me.

I reached home to see a face with question marks, Did you see him? Did you tell what your problems are? Were you able to get a solution? Can he offer us peace? What? What? What?

She was unable to hear what I mumbled. And so raising my voice in peace and without anymore fear I said, He offered me a gun.


This post is a work of fiction. The Guruji does not have any religious association, nor is he a manifestation of any real-life Guruji, nor have I visited him, nor have I lived in a Western land. This post was the end-result of my chain of thoughts on the Gurudwara shootings in Wisconsin. If you cannot understand how thoughts can go so far, read “The Thought Machine“. Thank you for understanding. Good Day! Good Night!


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