Songs of Hatred

As promised in my previous post, I’m posting the poem, Songs of Hatred, below. This was one of the first poems I had written. Hope you will like it. Good Day! Good Night!

Songs of hatred sung

In her infinite anger

And with feelings hurt

One might fear the terminal


One’s belief remains

That all of feelings

Need energy, emotions

And focal commitment


Love among all

Is still the highest

And the best to feel

Yet so trying and painful


Gaiety is another

A miracle of kinds

It rubs off all around

On people, their spaces


Fascination a thing

Difficult to rid,

Powerful; So better is

Not to have and lose


Which brings us to

Desperation, that act

Which follows the above

Ends in bad and sad


Fear and anger

Close to each other

None but knows

Until one cycles between


Fear for comfort

Fear of loss

Fear as indication

Of one’s weakness


And anger at that

Engulfing oneself

In a shield of fire

Against that fear


It is of no success

Thence comes along

Hurt – a vicious feeling

Of down, and of tears


And hence, hatred

One turns to, not knowing

It is no answer

And is as strong


As strong as love

As needy as any feeling

Hatred shan’t be wasted

On the unimportant


Songs of hatred sung

Are no less than

Songs of love,

Strong as each other


And brings forth

More than we fear

More than we ask

A terminal before time


© Suhail Rasheed, 2012


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