The Unforgiving

Sometimes people find it hard to forgive. This poem is for the unforgiving kind. More on this, a few days from now. Good Day! Good Night!

A person when he wrongs
Gives not just the wronged
The experience of pangs
But takes a share for self

Some few may call it guilt
And others cannot feel it
Yet it is not about the guilt
And it comes much later

The words that hurt most
Throughout the rest of life
The fingers pointed at him
The misfortune of his sins

The Almighty is no miser
When it comes to mercy
He has given and allowed
Many ways of forgiveness

But humans are the kind
With very short memories
When it is much required
Or of good memories, else

And hence, forms the idea
That worse will follow bad
And other such ideas of
The bad not getting better

If it is human to err as said
And divine it is to forgive
Why have all of humans
Found it tough to let go?

Man deserves his chance
Fair and square and just
All of him is not the best
Yet some of him isn’t bad

When he gets this chance
He gets a drive to change
And to forget all bygones
And live his life to its worth

The unforgiving have forgot
That all of human’s human
Not the one, two or few
But all of them shall wrong

If what goes around truly
Comes all the way around
The sinner shall be him too
The one who never forgave

To do a good turn in faith
When one is within sight
Defines a man’s success
And never lets him down

The unforgiving has lost
Many chapters of its time
Unforgiving though repeats
And gives nothing in return


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