Architecture and Alone in Tango

In my upcoming book, Alone in Tango, I wrote this poem about Architecture. I am no expert in Architecture, but have always admired this art of the built environment. Whether we accept it or not, the space we live in may shape our attitude towards life to a large extent. Some might see as it being vice-versa as well. I am not in a mood to argue though. Architect friends should probably write to me and let me know, if what I have written does not encompass the entire science and art of architecture, whether it at least to the extent written is right.

This modern art
Of architecture
Defines how great
Buildings must be

Giving identities,
Endemic lives and
A sublime beauty
To these structures

Hark O Architect
Young and gifted
You have duties
And responsibilities

Your little mistakes
Shall have no excuses
Mistakes they are
Till end of lives

You design well
And they live well
You give them light
You give them air

The light there be
Shall have no glare
And the airs be still
And less of wind

Every inch built
May be of use
And extra inches
Serve no favours

The building thus
Built in stone
Shall be made
As a piece of stone

And buildings done
In wooden planks
Shall remain away
From fire, from water
These are some
That come to mind
There are others
Many, many more

In building structures
As in everything
There is science
And there is love

A mix of both means
And common sense
Leads to building better
And to living longer

© Suhail Rasheed, 2012

What these verses were doing in my book might be of interest to some of you. Well, this book is the story of two architects who held similar beliefs and principles in their work. It starts out with their first meeting at an architecture firm where they work and learn the ropes of the game, continues on through the times they leave this firm to start something on their own and later, to their struggles in establishing themselves as a practice much in line with what they believed. Eh, what happens then? Of course, as all of us do realise at some point in time, they also go through a time when they eventually realise that

  • they cannot have all that they believe in
  • to do the thing that they believe in they might have to throw away everything they already had, including the knowledge that came from their experience
  • there is a thin line that separates belief and obsession, which if crossed can get dangerous
  • and most importantly, it is not possible for two people to have exactly the same beliefs in all matters (at some point, all humans with minds of their own, have disagreements with one another)

There are other things that they learn. But, it is too early to discuss a book which is not even half-written. I would suppose it is less than quarter-written at the moment. My earlier plan was to have the first draft ready by my thirtieth birthday which went by in June. I have since revised the deadline to December of this year. And what if I miss that deadline? Ummm.. I guess I will revise it again. What else can I do? I can’t stop writing, can I?

I am going through a transition phase in one facet of my life. I will be delighted to share the details at some point of time in the near future. On the other side, I have also become obsessed with Alone in Tango (the most recent version) which has by now crossed about 17,000 words. I hate to give excuses. But these things have kept me from writing much during the past few days. I hope to be more regular in the coming days. Good Day! Good Night!


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