Beauty like the morning

Two days ago, in a quiet part of Indiranagar in Bangalore, I did something I normally do not have the time to do. Standing underneath a vast umbrella formed by the branches of several trees, I looked up. The spectacle I saw is very difficult to explain. The leaves seemed to be spaced at equal distances and through the sieve that it formed, the light from the afternoon sky made its way right into my eyes. People around me went about their daily businesses and I did not find anyone else who had noticed what I had. For that reason, I felt proud and enlightened at the same time. I could have stood there and watched it forever. But, today’s times do not allow me such luxury. I must be at one place or the other. I can ill afford to be stuck midway. The leaves in the foreground and the sky in the background. I have often wondered at the dynamic skies and the multiple hues it could present. But this wasn’t the same. I realised that it was the leaves in the foreground that captured my attention more than the sky did. I took out the only camera I had in hand, the one on my mobile phone. Click!

Pure Virgin Art, presented by nature, photographed by this writer

It is not the same, I realised once I got home. With my limited skills, it would have been a far-fetched job for me to capture that scene in the best of cameras. Even a more skilled photographer would not have been able to replicate the wonder that I witnessed first-hand without the aid of lens or camera. Even if he/she does capture something like that with the best tricks up his/her sleeve, we are more likely to comment on his/her photography skills rather than on the beauty of what nature presented to us. I have, nevertheless, posted the photo here so that at least the best imaginers among us can envision what it was probably that I had seen when I looked up at the sky.

While we are discussing beauty, I must also post here that poem which I wrote several months ago, in the month of December. I called it, “Beauty, like the morning”. Several, who read it before, mistook it to be an ode to the “beauty of the morning”. Well, no… I was rather referring to the kind of beauty that is much alike to the morning; the kind of beauty that is fresh and full of energy, like any good morning.

Beauty like the morning
Stroke my heart this day
In every thing of beauty
Thus lay a joy to sense

Beauty like the morning
In the night, in the day
Heals my sorrows
And losses from the past

Beauty like the morning
Untouched and pure
In every man enkindles
Such flashes of innocence

Beauty like the morning
Awaits many a pursuit
At corners and alleys
In the cities of our lives

Beauty like the morning
Leaves me so deep in awe
Of every prospect
And hope you bring

Beauty like the morning
The love for which
Warms and fortifies
Promises for the morrow

Beauty like the morning
Do you ever ponder on
How you got to be
Revered much as you are?

Beauty like the morning
In every thing here or there
Small, enormous or just enough,
Spread smiles nonetheless

Beauty like the morning
You never at all bore
The one who eyes
Your pristine grace

Beauty like the morning
In you I so believe
And lay my aspirations
Every woe thence vanishes

Beauty like the morning
Foes you may face
Yet I discern unlike the rest
All the virtues embodied

Beauty like the morning
The adorer so yearns for
Helpless in letting go
Other pleasures though may be

Beauty like the morning
All thanks to the Creator
The world is a better place
And you not one of many

© Suhail Rasheed, 2012

While I left Indiranagar, I promised myself to go back again under the same trees and at about the same time another day. I hoped to do it from the bottom of my heart in the urge of that moment when nothing else seemed more important. But, life will go on. It will bring different priorities and I might forget this one spectacle among many other… until I come across another thing of beauty once again. Good Day! Good Night!


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