The Rain Story

A poem which I wrote very recently, here I reproduce. Good Day! Good Night!

Rains have their meanings
Messages from very far away
This one just sang for me
Bitter songs from her solitude

Every drop of water that falls
Cause many hearts to mellow
This one not there as yet
Breaking hearts everyday

In her songs she praises
All that is good in her foes
And kindness is her way,
Her eternal mother tongue

O beloved rain of pain
Your path is so intertwined
Much with that of another
A person in love with you

While you spray the drops
Of your endless moroseness
He does watch with empathy
Without feeling for your loss

If in time do you stop falling
He might know you better
Yet it is so that you’re gone
With the rain that stopped

Every message so in transit
Shall thus fall on deaf eyes
And your feelings shall ever
Be the kind not listened to

In the wrong place are you
With many a wrong people
Every drop that falls wishes
For a dream that it sees not

For people it has never met
For places it has not been to
For circumstances to change
And for the sun to show again

Sun never looks so pretty
As it does after every rain
And the rain is never loved
Where there was no sun

The rain though knows not
Of the one in love with her
The sun for her many tears
A light to which she danced

Crying away her heaviness
Hardly has she open eyes
As has not her lover seen
The pain that she rains with

As time and tide does go by
One can only wish there is
Some time for them together
In their dreams at the least

The light fades away and so
Does the sun sink at the end
The rain but goes on and on
And the dark does it embrace

The sun may come out again
Tonight the rain be in the dark
All that we pray don’t we get
Some things come other days


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