My Concept of Home

Home is a concept most people are confused with. Home, we turn to in case of an overflow of our miseries. Home, we turn to in our happiest of moments. But where is home? Is it the place we grew up in? Is it always that? What if someone grew up in a house full of abuse and other difficulties? We will not like to go back there, will we?

So, where is home then? Home, I believe, is not where we come from. Home is that place most of us are forever in search of. We try very hard to fit into a number of places. We try going back to the houses of our childhood expecting to experience home and be overwhelmed by it. Yet, we are disappointed at times. What we are expecting to see is the idea of home and our houses may not be that. Not always, I mean.

Home is where we intend to go. The culmination of our dreams. The place we always wanted for ourselves. It may not be anything we have already experienced. It may be something we have already encountered, but only a bit too slow in recognizing. Home is our destination, not our source.

The following lines form a poem titled Going Home and were an extension of my thoughts above. This poem was written a few months ago.

I long for home
Many miles away
An idea beyond hope
As I wait with no end

Home is a feeling
And a sum of many
Feelings of vehemence
While a place it is too

A home occupied
With dear ones, with warmth
With memories on walls
And so in every corner

So is it a story
And a beautiful one
Happiness you find
In its many chapters

In bad times
As in good times
I long for home
Many miles away

I’m going home
Some day soon
Wait I shall no more
Breaking rules, i will

Passing rivers,
As I span the arches
Of bridges between
Destinies far apart

Riding on highways
As the moon shines
In the night deprived
Of its rightful darkness

Staying at motels
Eating at cheap diners
Leaving again
As morning turns up

I’m going home
The ride continues
I dream as I must
Keep the idea awake

In my mind’s workshop
I so construct
A perfect home
From places I’ve been

From the journeys gone
From things I’ve learnt
From feelings felt, and
From an infinite longing

Many nights to go
Before I see it all
I’m going home
Some day soon

With time, in patience
My home I shall reach
And thence shall I rest
In peace and in tranquil

I long for home
Many miles away
And I’m going there
I know not where

The feeling that makes
The home my home
Perhaps shall let know
I’m home when I am

© Suhail Rasheed, 2012

Have you found your home as yet? Keep looking, never give up. Have a good week ahead! Good Day! Good Night!


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