The Burden of Thrones

The King he was no more. Long shall live all kings. This one’s time was up. He placed the crown, the sword and the belt at the feet of the incumbent. The throne was taken over earlier. He looked at the throne and the new King, with awe. What was his is another man’s now.

Every human has his time on earth. A time for which he was born. The former King believed that his was spent wastefully. It was not his mistake. He could not control certain aspects of his rule. The King, he felt, was always weaker than his weakest subject. A new rule was here. A new King ascends. Would he know these things or learn with time? The former king wondered.

How was it when he ascended? He was celebrated as the best to attain that position ever. The subjects worshipped him. They believed he was the wisest. They believed they would all prosper under him. He too gradually thought he was the long-awaited messiah for these people. He did everything in his power with the best of intentions. And then, he appointed ministers. Sigh!

The state reserves drew leaner as did the ministers grow fatter. The King was no shepherd. Yet, this was his role. Bring in one sheep and you see another go out. And some of them were very black indeed. Frighteningly so. If the perils were such and the state was doomed, it wouldn’t surprise if the critics were not far behind. And, critique they did of all the things that the King and his entourage did on their land. Will not man be ever kind, to men of power and men at top.

Now was the King tired. Was this no business of his. A life of peace was all he truly ever wanted. He regretted and dreaded the decision he made, one day long back. The decision he made to rule this state. And so, he waited for long for the takeover. He waited for a man more worthy than him. Until today. The man is now here. Thrilled with presumptions. Proud of the ascension. Only too ignorant though, of the burden that awaits.

The former King was still sad. There will not be dinners hosted by the state. There will not be any more comforts. There will not be any critics crying foul either. And he smiled. From today, shall he be one among them too. Another critic. A voice everyone listened to. His time was up. His life was not. Without burdens, he was more powerful now. People may remember and rake them up, all his previous misdeeds. But all their eyes will be on the King; not the one who bygone, but the one on the throne.

And when the new King addressed the masses, the former stood among them as one of theirs. Now he knew where true power lay. At the end of the address as all of them raised their hands and their voices, the old King raised his too. In that one moment, was he released and elevated. He felt the freedom he never had. And he lived happily ever after.


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