Waiting for Happiness

Happiness has always been of great interest to me. What makes people happy? Why people need happiness? Why some people cannot be happy regardless of the number of blessings they have? Why some people even dread or fear happiness? Why some think it is wrong to be happy?

Yeah, I have seen all kinds. Some fear happiness too. They believe that every moment of happiness has to be balanced with an equal amount of unhappiness. Well, my sister had a different view to it. If the Almighty has destined both happiness and sadness for us, we might as well be jolly happy while the happiness lasts so that we do not have any regrets in moments of sadness.

And some believe, “Happiness happens by chance and we haven’t had a chance at it.” Happiness, do not be mistaken, is by choice. Chance is something we like to blame the lack of it on. But, we truly can choose to be happy in any moment. It is how we perceive the world around us. So, you get what I am saying?

Take the moment and just let go. Happiness or unhappiness, they all come from the same divine source. It is not wrong to be one nor the other. If you are plagued by unhappiness too, fret not. Happiness is just around the corner. Wait for it, cherish the moments in which you wait for it and seize it when you sight it. And that is how I wrote these lines which follow. The poem, I called “Waiting for Happiness”. It is one of my personal favourites.

Waiting for happiness
I try to obliterate
All signs of old times
And all signs of pain

In the crux of time
In feelings of love
And stolen moments
Happiness never mattered

Pain could be felt
And so be appreciated
And so could it be
An addiction of kinds

Pain is sought too
By great warriors
And even writers
In the name of glory

Yet, happiness we need
To sweeten our memories
And embolden the need
To sustain our lives

No man has fallen, and
No woman disgraced
In the timeless pursuit
Of ultimate happiness

For, if happiness can
As a sole human goal
Remain on our minds
One wishes no further

Waiting for happiness
I try to remember
The last time I sang
Or danced in the rain

Or the last time I leaped
Up high in the air
Reaching for the skies
Knowing no bounds

And then, I feel high
A feeling some explain
Is notches above
Any basal act of happiness

It can’t be stopped at once
From spreading across miles
Neither can it be protected
From the envy caused in minds

Certain amongst all things
For achievers of happiness
Is feelings of complacence
And of an uncommon fortune

Looking for new tenets
Of happiness, one knows
There are no tangible rules
Or a single step algorithm

Yet it is to one’s choice that
Remain all rights of happiness
Chance being only the rarest
Cause to this phenomena

In our search for this marvel
In a life of the mundane
No limits of time there are
Only we know when we’re there

Be not afraid of the moment
As some may so believe
Happiness is short-lived, maybe
Live it while it is, as short or so long

Waiting for happiness
My thoughts oscillate
As do I remember
So do I obliterate

Waiting for happiness
My heart gently trembles
As may I be afraid
So do I look forward

© Suhail Rasheed, 2012

Hope you, dear reader, will find your happiness soon! Good Day! Good Night!!


5 thoughts on “Waiting for Happiness

  1. Happiness is a subject that really interests me as well. I also have a blog about it. Some people say that you have to experience unhappiness to know what happiness is. I think it makes sense.

    • I’m glad you agree, Lou!

      I agree with your point of view too. Eventually, too much of happiness can get boring. We need unhappiness to show us what being happy can make us feel like. Thanks for reading this post. I have checked out your blog and like the feel of it. I will read more and give you my comments.

  2. Waiting for happiness
    I try to remember
    The last time I sang
    Or danced in the rain

    My favorite lines. I wonder at times why some people calls a rainy day as a gloomy day. I used to intentionally ‘forget’ my umbrella at home so that I could walk back in rain while returning home… 😊

    Sorry for going off the topic. 😊

  3. Well, we shouldn’t drag Almighty into the various states of our lives as he is within each of us, try to cognize this clandestine power! That makes me wonder, can peace of mind be a synonym to a contented life?

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