Along a Path in the Dark

About a couple of nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a poem in my head. Losing sleep over it, I eventually wrote it down. It is something about the journey of life and the tests that come with it. I won’t say anymore. The rest is for you to read. Good Day! Good Night!!

Bright angel in the dark
Is the light blinding you
Shall I lead your path
Take you through this

En route shall we find
Good, bad and worse
Some things shine and
Some things look good

Yet what you see and
What remains true are
Different things beyond
Human comprehension

The path is rough and
Most difficult for those
They follow the straight
Unwavering stretch of it

Things you see around
Are some from our own
Reflections of the past
Or from fear of future

Sometimes on the way
We lose control and fall
Into the traps of illusions
We know only a little late.

It is but never too late
To pull back and retract
Your actions from haste
And get back on track

One must learn always
Of mistaken paths and
To not cross them again
Being misled or by intent

The straightest path is
The shortest one too, but
Only a few would realise
Those who don’t digress

They’ll come across much
A lot more than shall you
Yet a lot of it not of good
Some things they devour

Let they be them and so
You now know from past
You know what is in store
For those who drift away

In time what we will learn
Is one thing above all
Some things are good
And some thing not be

Some things just are not
For you, not in any form
Like wine and weed and
Others of the same kind

You are the best and one
Who shines very bright
You are one of the angels
And remain there you be

What is yours shall be
What is not is not worth
Hold my hand and walk
Its just a few steps more


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