A Period of Transition

Two things kept me from posting any updates this week. Yeah yeah, me and my bloody excuses. Yes, I hate excuses myself. If I really wanted to write, I could have. It is not that I did not have time, but only that my mind (which I normally put to work while writing) was preoccupied with a few things, including the ones I am going to mention hereunder.

About a few weeks (or was it months?) ago, in a post titled Architecture and Alone in Tango, I had wrote this:

I am going through a transition phase in one facet of my life. I will be delighted to share the details at some point of time in the near future. On the other side, I have also become obsessed with Alone in Tango (the most recent version) which has by now crossed about 17,000 words. I hate to give excuses. But these things have kept me from writing much during the past few days. I hope to be more regular in the coming days.

Alone in Tango, as you know from the previous post, has crossed 22,000 words. But what about the other transition in my life? That “some point of time” is now here and I must announce it here today.

Three years, one month and one week ago, I joined the organisation I am currently working for. Three years might be a short duration in a man’s career. From my perspective though, considering that I have worked in six organisations in the last eight years, three years is quite long – in fact, the longest I have worked anywhere. Let us not elaborate the reasons behind my five changes. For the sixth time though, I have resigned and will be relieved by Monday, 15th October.

What I plan to take up as my new assignment is kind of a dream role for me. Something I always wanted to do. The kind of work Sujoy Prem does in Living with Smoke. Many people think of a dream role as an easier job which may not be always true. There is nothing easy or difficult about any job. Each job comes with its own difficulties. For example, I could think of writing as a career. It would be the absolute dream dream career. But, using that career to feed me and the family would be quite a task to surmount. So, when I say I have landed a dream job, obviously there have been trade-offs and I will be neck-deep wading against the challenges that bar my way. Of course, I would be doing it with much more pleasure.

As I prepare to leave my current organisation, in the meanwhile, this last week has been especially hectic considering the amount of information, details and procedures that I have to hand over to the person replacing me in the same position. This takes a lot of my thinking time, which is more or less why we did not have a single blog post come out of this head during the past week.

In the midst of all this, an old friend had recently asked me to rise from the sabbatical I have taken from the Bangalore Book Club and do a special event with a writer she and other Club members absolutely loved to read. This writer’s name was Ashwin Sanghi. He had written three books, each of them fast-paced thrillers with some amount of fact-mixing. Even though, I had not had the pleasure of reading these three books, I read a kind of signal in the blurbs which I read subsequently. The request which came from my friend was more than four months ago. In those months, I came to hear more and more about Ashwin, the culmination of which was today (13th October) when Ashwin eventually appeared before the Book Club and in about close to two hours of interaction with the readers, mesmerised the readers both through his very humble and friendly approach as well as with the content of his books. Two of his books have eventually reached my shelf too today. The review will soon follow. This event was the other thing which kept me away during the past week.

Ashwin Sanghi
Photo Courtesy: Own Collection

Meanwhile, this also happened to be my re-entry into the Book Club, I would realise as I tried to adjust and interact with the newer members. One thing which always struck me was that there was always a feeling of family when we attended the events of Bangalore Book Club. Today, I realised that the feeling still continued to be there. Also the feeling that you were never really away, regardless of the more than two years that have passed since I last attended a meeting with this Club. The only thing though that changed was the feeling of youth. Somehow today, sitting at a gathering after the event, my mind gave me a signal that I had aged a bit in those two years. The members of the Book  Club, like the Club itself, were still very young in spite of a high representation from people of all or most ages. Whereas it was I who had stayed away from this world of books and book-lovers, only to age a bit too soon.

As the night ends, in a mental note to myself I promise that I will visit Book Club meetings more often and do more of such fun events, at least to stay and feel young. It has been a good day. It has been a long one too. As the night passes by ever so quick, I have a lot more to write tonight and do I stop here so. More about the Book Club, the new job and even the old one will come soon. Meanwhile, check out all three books of Ashwin Sanghi. They come highly recommended. Overseas readers may have to resort to a Kindle edition for the moment though. Happy Reading! Good Day! Good Night!


One thought on “A Period of Transition

  1. Welcome back to the Book Club!
    Quoting Mark Twain “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”!

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