A Day without Conversations

Almost two months of roller-coaster rides and sheer madness have gone by since my last post. And, I have returned yet again to clean the board and start all over again. While I plan and deliver a set of posts over the next few days, take a look at this piece from July of this year. Sigh! July was almost six months ago. We are already at the end of the year. So, here it is… A day without conversations.

This must have been
The slowest day of all
In all of recent memory
And that is how it feels

Every day of past year
The angel has sounded
Its birdlike sweet melody
Into my untrained ears

Even while it was so
The learning was done
Soon it seemed rather
Of what sweetness is

With the course of time
My lessons enabled me
To become a better man
To know what it means

The angel rarely away
Guides all of my days
And when it goes away
Means only to return

It is one of those days
And the angel far away
No sound can be heard
Nor any sign of its light

What beckons it away
From this heart of mine
Does not keep it long
Yet, gives me great pain

And the angel extends
Its duties not just to one
But others with the same
Afflictions, similar worries

Patience it asks of me
That which I haven’t any
Above all, on such days
As today in its absence

Bring back your warmth
And return to your home
To where the heart lives
And where lies all peace

You haven’t gone very far
O guardian angel, not yet
Enough space do we have
Back where you belong

A day like this is forgiven
And soon will be forgotten
Faster days will grace us
And better things to think

When you’re back with me
The melody will flow again
Spreading what is sweet
And with it all that is good

© Suhail Rasheed, 2012

I shall be back soon, hopefully! Until then, Good Day! Good Night!!


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