Living with Smoke – Availability

There has been a number of queries on how one can purchase the book or read it. Questions such as whether it is free, whether it is available in print, whether it is available in the local bookstore, etc.

I wish to make the buying and reading process easier for you, with this post. Living With Smoke is currently available on the Kindle Store only, which means it has been published as an e-book and can only be read on an electronic device. The question is, on which electronic devices?

The options, fortunately, are much more than a few. Here goes the list:

1. Kindle device

The Kindle device is available in two types: Kindle E-Reader and Kindle Fire. Each of these are available in four models, each with its own set of characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, at all. The Kindle E-Reader starts from $69 and goes up to $179 for the high-end model. The Kindle Fire (in colour, HD, etc.) starts from $159 and goes up to even $499 for the more sophisticated ones. The more obvious advantages of having this device are:

  • The Kindle can carry 3500 books and weighs only 8.5 ounces.
  • You can order a book and have it downloaded in 60 seconds.  You may never need to go to a bookstore again.
  • The Kindle has access to 1.8 million free public domain titles.

To see the options available in Kindle, check out this link.

2. Kindle on other devices

Whether you have a mobile computing device from Apple or one supported by Google Android, a Kindle App is available for free download on your device. Of course, it may not give you quite the handiness that  a Kindle device might give you, but if you have been using the mobile computing device (such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Blackberry) for some time now, you may not find it difficult to read on these devices. All you need to do is head to your App Store or Play Store and search for “Kindle” to download the app and you are ready to go. Whatever is available on the Kindle Store should be available for you too.

The list of all Kindle Reading Apps for different devices and the download links are available here.

3. Kindle on PC/Mac

Some of us still do not like to carry tablets, phablets or even those sexy, smart phones with us. But, if we still have a PC/Mac, you can download the Kindle Reading App for your PC/Mac here.

I hope the accessibility of the book is clear now. There still could be some people who love to read a book right from the book and not from any device. That option is being worked out and a print version should be out in the next six months’ time. However, without doubt, it will be at least a few times as expensive as the Kindle version due to the printing costs and shipping expenses.

Now, that brings me to the pricing part. The book is not free at the moment. The prices change every few days. I cannot make it free at the moment because has its guidelines on pricing and there are minimum prices which I have to follow. However, those with an Amazon Prime account can borrow my book (and other books, every month) for free, for an unlimited period of time. For more details, check this link.

I hope this clears everything you wanted to know about accessing and reading my book. As of today, the book has been priced at a lower-than-before rate. The rate will roll back to the previous rates, sometime during January. I hope to hear from those who have had the time to read. Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas! Good Day! Good Night!


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