On SurfRises

So, one day about a month ago, I decided with no particular reason that I shall start selling surprises. I have always enjoyed giving surprises and seeing the eyes of the surprised fill with glee and tears and – you know – that dazed expression. I was not much of a good sport for surprises. I used to expect a surprise every birthday, as I grew up. Only to get disappointed though.

The under-expecting shall almost always be surprised and the over-expecting mostly disappointed. A friend recently told me that he gets a note from his wife much in advance of her birthday. The note would contain the names of all the things she wants for her day. He finds it easier this way. There is no question of over- or under-expecting. She gets exactly what she asks for. And because she knows what her husband can afford, she will only ask for those things that make sense for the moment. So, the risk is that if he in all his generosity decides to get her anything more than that, she might get very angry. Big risk that! So, I don’t need to tell you what might happen if he gives her less than what she asked for.

I also realised that a lot of people do not go to the extent of really planning the surprise moment. And some even announce on the phone, “Hey, darling! I have a surprise for you. Just wait till I get home.” And she – if she is like one of those women I know – she would extract it out of him before he hung up the phone. She just cannot bear to live with the excitement and not seeing what it is. That is not really a surprise. It is like giving her a chance to underrate yourself. You are giving her time to think it out and imagine the grandest thing you could probably give. All of this eventually and potentially leading to disappointment.

How do you plan a surprise and carry it out with the utmost secrecy and precision without compromising on the experience? I haven’t reached there as yet. But that is where I intend to go and what I intend to do. I discussed this with a few people who are good at certain trades and roped them in as well. And thus was formed SurfRises. Someone asked me how it is different from event management. Well, it is not different from event management. It is a niche segment in the event management business. I call it experience management. And if you are to go by the first part of my writing here, you might imagine this to be tailored only for husbands giving surprises to their wives. But, no! Our collected experience of giving and receiving surprises over the years enable us to provide The SurfRises Experience for a range of occasions from people giving surprises one-to-one to sometimes even for companies who wish to surprise their customers.

ForCleanBoardSurfRises presently works out of a Facebook Page and partly from my residence. Needless to say, my wife is also part of the team. If you have a good surprise story or if you need a good one, now you know who to get in touch with. You can also email us at surfrises@gmail.com. Don’t forget to “Like” us on the Facebook Page, where we post videos and write-ups, surprises being the theme. Regardless of whether you “like” our page or not, I hope you like the idea of this novel concept. Good Day! Good Night!


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