New Year. New Beginning.

A New Year. A New Beginning. And A Clean Board. For close to four years now, sometimes on and sometimes off, I have been blogging in my own name. It was a random step in my directionless writing career. I knew I lacked direction and I would sometimes disappear or rather escape from my writing. A Clean Board was born in 2011, out of my own frustration with the occasional disappearances I am very well known for. It was important for me to feel that, at least in the virtual world, I need not be tied down to a platform or follow the norms laid out by the more established names in blogging. It has been difficult for me to follow norms anyway, especially in writing. A Clean Board is all about renewal, rejuvenation, rehabilitation and reawakening. Absence from A Clean Board never played on my mind. Every time I took a break, consciously or subconsciously, I knew I would be coming back here. I need not know or question the “when”.

This time, the reawakening has occurred on a website, which I now own. I have been contemplating having my own domain for some time. Parking your blog in any of those free platforms is possible any day. However, a “serious” writer needs to be more serious than that. He needs a regular address where the stuff he writes will live on even if he disappears. During the holiday season, I had much time at my disposal for learning and trying out new things. One of the results is This domain will host my blog and everything “Suhail”, from today.

The other result, you would have probably seen in my earlier post. My book is officially now available in print edition through this link. The print edition, obviously, is many times more expensive than the Kindle ebook which came out last month. Yet, when I held the fresh book in my hands and spent some time reading through it, I could not help wondering whether I would have chosen the print book or the ebook, given the choice. In about a week’s time from now, the book should be available on Amazon’s US, UK and European online stores. And, in about two months’ time, the book should be available on a number of international stores including some brick-and-mortar stores. Watch this space for updates on that.

Another result of my experiments is that all the posts I’ve written so far in the many different platforms are available on this single domain now and even the dates are intact. So, you would be able to see posts starting from April, 2009 when I first started blogging as Suhail Rasheed. On the way is a number of other writings including the many “unwritten” ones, short stories, poetry and other short tidbits written in fits of rage. Now, you see what A Clean Board is also about. It is now a platform for me to integrate all my writings till date. It would require some tedious effort, but who is short of time? Anyway…

Welcome to! Those who were subscribed to the blog earlier through wordpress, may need to go through that subscription exercise once again. While I figure out what to write next, do check out the link to my book as well. Good Day! Good Night!


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