About Suhail

Suhail Rasheed works as a senior executive for an organizational brand consultancy firm. In his free time, he writes short stories and some long ones. As a child of eight or nine, Suhail first started writing spurred by an unending chain of imagination and inspired by the number of books he used to read, thanks to his parents and relatives. In 2009, he completed his first full-length novella, Living with Smoke, which is now published on the Kindle platform.

Towards the end of 2011, in a period plagued with writer’s block and short-term insomnia, Suhail would lie in bed tapping on his iPad trying to consolidate his thoughts into writing something meaningful. It was on one of those nights that a new mode of writing emerged for him and the first of Suhail’s poems was written, thereby ending his bout of insomnia. Ever since, Suhail has written several poems, some of which await publication in both print and electronic media. Suhail’s writings are a reflection of his deepest thoughts on the life he sees and feels around him.

Suhail is thirty and presently lives with his wife & two children in Bangalore, India. He is currently working on Alone in Tango, a novel which is expected to be completed by mid-2013. Follow Suhail on Twitter.

To buy Living With Smoke, visit this link.

To understand what A Clean Board is all about, visit this link.

A Clean Board is also on Facebook as a page and on Twitter with the handle @cleanboard


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